CTR Cranes is a recognized name in the heavy lifting machinery industry. With 30 years of experience in offering endless support and service to our customers, we have grown from ground zero to serving a huge clientele that includes leading industry names.

We provide quick delivery, prompt assistance, and optimum quality machines with all safety precautions that require minimum to no maintenance, in addition to our cost-effective rental services.

  • Choose from a range of services. Small tools to cranes and forklifts.
  • Choose tools and machines that best suit your industry - Mining to construction.

About Us

CTR Cranes is a well-established material handling company and a leading service provider for a range of manufacturing equipment. Our journey dates back to 1990, when we started providing rental services for hydras and forklifts. Over the years, CTR Cranes business proliferated exponentially and today it is a proud company to having added an array of new services to its list with its cutting-edge products like Hydraulic Telescopic Cranes, All-Terrain Cranes and BoomLifts.

CTR Cranes is not only well experienced in erection and dismantling works but is also a known professional firm in maintaining the quality and standard of the machines. Our goal is to offer remarkable service to our clients in best possible way.

Our Equipment's

Our equipment are not just limited to cranes and forklifts. We provide everything from small tools to latest heavy technology equipment. Our equipment include. Contact us for any service that you may need or to know more about our services and equipment. Our team will be happy to help you round the clock, with utmost safety plans at all times.

Hydraulic Telescopic Cranes

All-Terrain Cranes,


Boom Lifts


CTR Cranes is committed to providing its customers with a valuable and cost effective rental service for heavy construction and manufacturing equipment. Our services range from small levers and equipment to complex and heavy machinery. Through our engaging and remarkable service, we have garnered the trust and respect of our customers. Our quality of service is known in the work we do and is in accordance to market standards and expectations.

Our Clients

Our customers have always been our most valuable assets. We have served a myriad of customers over the years, from various industry verticals.

Our dedication and our mission to serve our clients endlessly have been our prime motto.


You can inquire about our services and offers any time and we will be glad to assist you immediately.

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